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Our Expertise

All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin' Office

All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin' has the expertise to help you get the job done. Cliff Shaw has been in the trucking business for over 40 years and has worked as an agent for truck lines all over the country. When it comes to trucking we have just about seen and done it all. We have the knowledge and skills that you need to help your business succeed.

Our Business Philosophy

Fair and Honest, from the beginning of Shaw Enterprises, which has grown into All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin', our philosophy has been simple. We would much rather have a long successful relationship with our customers and the truck lines we use than make a quick buck off a few loads. We have always been here for the long haul.

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We encourage you to read a few of the testimonials from shippers and carriers.

It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to write this letter. I've been dealing with Cliff Shaw at All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin' for over ten years. He's moved 1000's of truckloads of material for me in that time frame. The reasons I've used him in the past and will continue to in the future are easy to list:

  1. He's reliable.
  2. He's hard working.
  3. He's honest.
  4. He does what he says he's going to do.
  5. His pricing is competitive.
  6. His invoicing is organized.
  7. He's a pleasure to work with and he makes my life that much easier!

When I send my dispatches to All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin', I know that I don't have to worry about that pickup and delivery anymore. I will continue to do business for years to come with All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin' and recommend that you do the same.

B.J. Zimmermann, V.P. Sales and Operations
Sourcing Solutions, Inc.

The Buying Source has been built upon trust and communication; our customers expect good service, as do we. The Buying Source has been using All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin' for 3 years and could not imagine doing business without them. All-Lanes creates a family atmosphere and works extremely hard for their customers. We know when we give All-Lanes loads to haul we don't have to worry about calling days later, they just get it done. If and when problems arise, All-Lanes are the first to call and let us know what is going on and what is going to happen. Using All-Lanes has cut down my time searching and calling trucking companies and has allowed me to focus on other issues and sales. I am confident in saying that All-Lanes is a vital vendor and helps The Buying Source facilitate sales with their service and expertise.

Brent Deno, Traffic Manager
The Buying Source, LLC

Over the years we have received the very best service from All Lane Logistics, but most of all is their dependability.

In our business today being able to depend on someone is the most important thing and I have always had that with All Lane Logistics.

Sandra Mahan
American Wood Fibers

All Lanes is a very good company to work with. Cliff and Anna keep rates fair and are very likeable people.

Weatherly Truck Lines, Inc.

I wanted to drop a note to say that the service from All Lanes Logistics in 2009 was outstanding. In the four years of doing business with your office, I have had nothing but positive results. When I book the truck with you I know it will be taken care of.

I look forward to doing even more business in 2010 with you and your staff.

Jim Thompson
Matheus Lumber Company

All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin' is the company to use for all your freight needs. They do what they say, and say what they mean. They are honest, hardworking people, and I would highly recommend them.

Cam Jones
Mega Fluids

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Our Team Members

Cliff Shaw, a.k.a. Papa Cliff

Cliff Shaw

I was born in Albany, Georgia. My father was in the Air Force, so we moved around a bit, and eventually we settled to San Antonio, Texas. I graduated from high school there in 1972. My father then helped me get a job with a truck rental company. My responsibilities were to fuel the trucks, check the truck's tire pressures, and park the trucks. I was then promoted, or I thought promoted, to changing oil and repairing and/or replacing the tires on the trucks. Did I say promoted?

I went from maintenance to dispatching fuel tankers all over the state of Texas for the largest gasoline hauler in the state.

Then I went from working as a dispatcher to working as the Terminal Manager/Sales/Dispatcher for a small Texas based carrier. I had several sales and Terminal Manager jobs after the first Terminal Manger position with that small carrier. It seemed that my biggest problem was my inability to keep my mouth shut. I would express my opinion, and this opinion would usually not coincide with upper management's opinion, so I ended up having several sales and dispatching jobs. Believe it or not, I have learned how to control my mouth when I think about it!

Cliff Shaw

I then moved to California in 1989. I went to work for a Brokerage company, and that position turned out to be a disaster and a blessing. After three months I was told I no longer had a position with the company. It was because of this disaster that the opportunity to start Shaw Enterprises presented itself. I was without a job, money, and I had a family to take care of. I had to do something, and since working for someone else was not the security I was looking for, I went out on my own. I then picked up my first customer, and as they say, the rest is history.

Shaw Enterprises was started to be strictly an agent, or a sales force, for truck lines. Shaw Enterprises continued to be an agent for truck lines until two years ago when because of an over-flow in freight I started All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin'. Now two years later, we are continuing to grow, and combining Shaw Enterprises and All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin' to make one company: All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin', LLC. I will continue to be an agent for the carriers that we worked with under Shaw Enterprises, but it will now be through All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin'. The over-flow freight will continue to be brokered through All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin'.

My belief in fairness and honesty is what I harp on with the staff. To follow through on everything from the time the load is given to us until the last strap is rolled up after the load is delivered is our commitment to the customers and to the carriers. If you should have a problem with anyone who works here, please let me know.

These are volatile times that we are facing in the trucking industry today. I will be here for the long haul.

If you have any questions or concerns, I am always available for your call. Thank you for choosing All-Lanes Logistics / Truckin'!

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